A Flirty Horse knows: everything is connected

Once a Flirty Horse
was living in a room
with thick concrete walls.

She had one tiny window,
and when she saw
someone cute through it,
she pulled the stranger
into her house,
locked the door
and started to explain:

here is my bed,
here I sleep.
And here is my table,
here I eat.
We`ll live so good here!”.

the trapped strangers were scared
and wanted to escape.

They shouted out loud
something like
“Help! Somebody help me!”
and tried to break the door
so hard,
that a Flirty Horse
eventually had to
let them go

One day she reached
the bottom of

“Why nobody wants to see
my bed and my table? –
she asked –
I find them pretty cute
and very pleasant
to live with”.


Then she took
a sledgehammer
and desperately
one of the walls,
so that her whole room
became visible,
up to the tiniest details,
to any passerby.

It felt very uncomfortable
to be so exposed,
but a Flirty Horse smoked
some grass

and managed
to calm down a bit.

She was lying on her bed,
naked and scared,
and suddenly saw
an elephant
passing by her demolished wall,
and snow falling
onto his exhausted head,
and herself,
sitting on his neck,
whispering in his big ears.

My psychedelic journey
happened to be
pretty sentimental, –
she noticed –
but this grass is really weird.
I should definitely change the hostler”.