Naked and Scared

Once a Flirty Horse decided to travel to Damascus. “So far away,” – her mom worried. “You only live once, mommy,” – a Flirty Horse replied carelessly. But her mother could not calm down. She prepared some food for her daughter, a box with lemons, onions and chocolate. “Be careful, my flirty beast,” – she said. No fear, no shame, no vanity,” – a Flirty Horse confirmed.

And she galloped away, leaving her scent forever floating. The maids that took care of her mother were standing on the porch and waving goodbye…

After a while a Flirty Horse arrived at some theater. In the lobby she met a man with a photo camera, who introduced himself as Sakher.

What day is it today? And what year, in essence? – she asked.
2020, February the 28th, – Sakher answered.
– In Damascus? – a Flirty Horse specified.
– Not really, Linz, Austria, – Sakher shrugged.   
– I feel I`ll stay here for quite a while, – a Flirty Horse replied.