kasija comes from croatia, she was born in the city of karlovac in 1993 >>> she studied contemorary and jazz dance at the dance academy in ljubljana (slovenia), worked as dancer at the zagreb dance company (croatia) and landestheater linz (austria) >>> besides, she created her own performances, and movies, as well as assisted at several theater productions in croatia >>>

ivan was born in saint-petersburg (russia) in 1988 >>> he studied drama theatre acting and directing in the state theatre academy in his home town >>> he did a lot of theatre pieces in russia and estonia >>> then he studied choreography at the folkwang university in germany >>> he worked as a performer and a creator in germany, austria, italy, luxembourg, poland, croatia >>>

flirty horse was concieved during the first corona lockdown and born on the 1st of june 2020 >>> at that time, both ivan and kasija were students of the anton bruckner private university, ma movement research >>> feeling similarly about art and artistic practice, they used the time of quarantine for creation of the flirty horse concept >>> many important issues were discussed between them >>>

flirty horse was born in an explosion of artistic expression >>> kasija, ivan, and their friends wanted to do everything at the same time >>> within a couple of months, the members of the new born collective created an experimental movie, a cite-specific performance, a few dance pieces, many conceptual and artistic texts and visuals >>> they even wrote a manifesto >>>

back then in 2020, all the materials were assembled into a web site >>> it was meant to be a perplexing and overwhelming maze of hyperlinks, abundance of images and videos >>> this labirynth was the first flirty horse ressourse on the internet, and it still exists >>> you can enter the maze HERE >>> click on everything and reserve several hours for surfing there >>>

today, flirty horse is just us – kasija and ivan >>> we are married, we live in vienna, we do weird stuff >>> we can call ourselves interdisciplinary artists, or, better, transdisciplinary artists >>> we test the borders of art, trying to reach our audience in unconventional ways >>> we are not defining what we do, but what we do defines us >>> we are an alive answer to the question “what is an artist in the 21st century” >>>