A Flirty Horse has no doubts, but….

Once a Flirty Horse suffered a severe depression. She went to a therapist and begged him to fix her. The therapist asked her a couple of questions, and, while answering them, a Flirty Horse realized, that both of the doctor’s eyes are artificial, two blue, glass balls under the eyelids.

Having said that, the therapist took a book from the shelf and pretended to read. A Flirty Horse looked at the title: “The book on taboo against knowing who you are” by Alan Watts. “How do you read, if you don`t see the words written” – she asked. “I don`t need to see, – explained the doctor – I know every word of this book by heart.”   

“Are you … blind, doc?” – a Flirty Horse asked astonished. The therapist got very confused, even annoyed by this question. “So what? – he responded – I am blind, but I have a successful practice with a lot of patients, and you, apparently, have two healthy eyes, but you are deeply depressed”.