A Flirty Horse has no place to lay her head

Once a Flirty Horse was having a walk in a desert.

She met a weird man,

who was sitting on a stone,
playing a lute and singing.

Who are you?
– a Flirty Horse asked.

“I am an architect, –

the man responded – 

an orphan girl went on a journey

seeking her parents

and asked me to build

a house for her,

so that when she returns,

she could live there happily,

together with her parents”.


“You don`t seem to be hard-working, –

a Flirty Horse noticed – you’ve not

even started the basement…”

“That`s not true, – the architect objected –

the work is very much in progress.

Don`t you see, I am playing lute
and singing?

And don`t you know that

in the moment

when an orphan meets
true parents, all the words in the universe

will become stones,

so my song will become

a beautiful castle.”

Having said that,

the man

continued to play and sing.