Alan Watts

Once a Flirty Horse was hungry
and ate her Pride.
It tasted very weird,
like something between marzipan and old skin from heels.
However, she finished the dish, licked the plate and realised, that she was still hungry, but now there was literally nothing to eat anymore in her house.
“Fuck, – she admitted. – Stupid horse.
Go to Hofer and buy some lemons, onions and, maybe, chocolate…
And she went, but forgot to take her mask.
On the cash desk, as ill luck would have it,
there were no masks left,
and the security guard didn’t let a Flirty Horse in.
“Fuck, – a Flirty Horse wondered. – What`s wrong with me today?”
And she returned home without food, since, as we remember, she had no pride anymore to argue with the security guard.
I feel I miss some important information about the universe, – a Flirty Horse concluded. – Would be nice to read some books. Philosophy, spiritualism, psychedelic experience. Stuff like that”.
And she did.

Lived experience

Transcendental meditation