Check-Point “Cloud”

Once a Flirty Horse reached
the edge of a rainbow,

she saw a Security Guard
sitting on a small stool
between yellow and orange stripes.
There was a small billboard
behind his back.

Viva la corona,” –
a Flirty Horse read.

– This all might be a dream,
she realised.

You`re a miserable coward!
– the Guard said suddenly,
as if he could hear
a Flirty Horse`s thoughts.
– You decided to fool yourself,
exactly like when you were
a wooden gift in Troja.

– That time I managed to

pass the gate,

– a Flirty

Horse objected.

– Fuck the gate, – proposed the Guard. – Where is your mask?

– What mask? –
a Flirty Horse asked.

Fuck mask, –
the Guard surrendered.

– Would you rather
visit my chamber?