A Flirty Horse never stops, as time never stops

Once a Flirty Horse fell in love with a woman
They lived together in a small house in the middle of a desert and enjoyed each other as much as they wanted
The woman, a Flirty Horse loved, was gorgeous and wayward, and one day she sat down on the arm-chair in the living room and announced: “Dear, I am pregnant”.

A Flirty Horse was confused: how is it possible between two women? “I ate an apple recently, – her beloved explained  – And the seed became a sprout” A Flirty Horse was still confused, and happy, and could not believe it, but long story short: they started to prepare the house for the appearance of a new life. 

They made an ambiguous list of tasks: to paint the walls, to assemble a cradle, to design cute toys for their coming baby.

But the pregnancy happened to last extraordinarily long: two years passed, and the belly of the future mother became huge, decorated with a maze of veins, and the mysterious creature was moving inside, every night, but didn’t want to appear.

“It is becoming boring,” – concluded a Flirty Horse one day, and slapped her love with a palm on the butt. In that very moment labor started, and in a few minutes they heard the weep of a new life. “That`s how it’s done,” – said a Flirty Horse with a smile and caressed the sweaty cheek of her partner.