She chooses her fate like a dress


Once a Flirty Horse fell in love with a man.

He was very handsome and caring,
just one tiny non-sense:

he believed a worm lives in his lung
and slowly eats his bronchi.

He felt like a wormy apple;

“Everybody has a normal soul,
but only mine is with a hole,”
– he complained.

A Flirty Horse was very much in love
and she did her best to comfort
and please her sweetheart.

“You just smoke too much, dear,” – she insisted, but he was


However, the mentioned non-sense seemed so tiny,
that the lovers decided to marry.

A Flirty Horse said “yes”
and kissed her man at the altar,
and in the moment their lips merged together,
she realized, that the worm stuck his eyeless head
out of her fiancée’s lung, stretched his slimy body through his throat and is now gently biting her,
a Flirty Horse’s, tongue.

“Oh, – a Flirty Horse said, having interrupted the kiss –
I am so sorry.

I am so sorry.


Very-very sorry, you can’t imagine”.

That is exactly what she said, not a word more.

And then she left the church.