Ambiguous list

Our continuous process of collecting ideas for future creations

A Flirty Horse adores diversified formats of artistic creation. We like to use existing ones and invent new ones. In the light of this, here is our list of ideas, wishes, desires, visions and images.

How does it work?

Once we have an idea for a specific format we would like to try out, we will post a short description of it here! The idea can be clear and developed or just a rough sketch!

What is your role?

This is a blog. So you, whoever you are (you! yes, you, the one reading this now, yes, YOU!!!) can share your ideas with us as a comment or suggestion (what do you believe we could do?). You can also make a proposition for a future collaboration (what do you believe we could do together?) . Feel free and be courageous! Everyone can be a Flirty Horse!

Instagram series

A series. Like “House M.D.” or “Breaking Bad”. But on Instagram. And each episode is one minute. So, basically, not at all like “House M.D.” or “Breaking Bad”, but something else. But! There is a plot, characters, collisions and twists. Episodes appear regularly on our Instagram page. How does it work? You subscribe to flirty.horseContinue reading “Instagram series”

Talk show

An online program or radio show in which one Flirty Horse (or a group of Flirty Horses) discusses various topics put forth by a talk show host (also a Flirty Horse). Some guests may appear as well. How does it work? You join the streaming on Facebook/Youtube or find the video on our channel. In each episodeContinue reading “Talk show”

Public reading

Public reading is a format of presenting text to an audience. Imagine a theater performance, where the actors do not learn the text of their roles in advance, but they read it aloud. You, as an audience member, are witnessing, the first stage of embodying the text. How does it work? You come to theContinue reading “Public reading”

Artistic speed-dating

A glorified brainstorming session! An exciting in-group, networking event! An open happening for artists of all kinds! A public encounter in one of the community spaces of Linz. How does it work? Same as speed-dating, but instead of falling in love, artists are asked to create a concept or an idea for an artistic creationContinue reading “Artistic speed-dating”

Bar nights

Interdisciplinary happenings designed specifically for locations such as bars, cafes, clubs. An artistic expression within the convention of a show/spectacle residing in those mentioned public spaces. Each event is unique, exclusive and only happens once. How does it work? You go to a bar, take a seat, order a drink. At some moment during yourContinue reading “Bar nights”

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