Ambiguous list

Our continuous process of collecting ideas for future creations

A Flirty Horse adores diversified formats of artistic creation. We like to use existing ones and invent new ones. In the light of this, here is our list of ideas, wishes, desires, visions and images.

How does it work?

Once we have an idea for a specific format we would like to try out, we will post a short description of it here! The idea can be clear and developed or just a rough sketch!

What is your role?

This is a blog. So you, whoever you are (you! yes, you, the one reading this now, yes, YOU!!!) can share your ideas with us as a comment or suggestion (what do you believe we could do?). You can also make a proposition for a future collaboration (what do you believe we could do together?) . Feel free and be courageous! Everyone can be a Flirty Horse!


dear friends! >>>VERLIEBTE TIERE are back! >>> on the 12th of august we perform our piece in the frame of KULTURSOMMER WIEN >>>ONLY THIS TIME >>>special edition for an outdoor stage >>>come to see us at mühlschüttelpark at 20.00 >>>free entrance! >>>come, bring friends, and share our loneliness! >>> best, kasija and ivan


finally, this day has come!! >>> the premiere of VERLIEBTE TIERE by FLIRTY HORSE! >>> TODAY!! 14.05.2022 >>>20.00 >>>SPEKTAKEL WIEN >>> hamburgerstraße 14, 1050 wien >>> come, bring your friends, share our heaviness and our lightness! >>>no covid-related restrictions! >>> a young couple at the beginning of their relationship happens to be trapped in oneContinue reading “TODAY IS THE DAY! – PREMIERE! – VERLIEBTE TIERE at SPEKTAKEL! >>>”


dear friends! >>> FLIRTY HORSE is happy to announce the first full evening performance in vienna >>> we are starting the rehearsals of VERLIEBTE TIERE >>> a piece based on the original script by ivan >>> featuring four performers >>> kasija vrbanac strelkin, dancer >>> vito vidovic bintchende, dancer >>> antigoni chalkia, singer >>> nikolajContinue reading “BEASTS FALL IN LOVE IN MAY”

today >>> 12.03 >>> PREMIERE >>>  BLACK MAGIC SHOES >>> a solo by kasija vrbanac strelkin >>>

the upbringing methods of my generation were marked by “shame on you” rhetoric >>> yes, we were ashamed >>> we were ashamed when our horny peers threw glances at us, and twice more ashamed when they didn’t; ashamed of what we are and what we are not, ashamed of our fathers or mothers, of beingContinue reading “today >>> 12.03 >>> PREMIERE >>>  BLACK MAGIC SHOES >>> a solo by kasija vrbanac strelkin >>>”

today! >>> ON THE PEAR DAY’S EVE >>> streaming!

it is today! >>> veronica pace, nika sarajlija, nayoung kim, sofiia zeifert, arek hryb, neža kokalj, blaž cunk >>> online streaming join and share our loneliness >>> at 19.00 >>> best, kasija and ivan PS >>> if you subscribe to our blog, the newsletter will reach you once a week, sharing the latest updates,Continue reading “today! >>> ON THE PEAR DAY’S EVE >>> streaming!”

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