Ambiguous list

Our continuous process of collecting ideas for future creations

A Flirty Horse adores diversified formats of artistic creation. We like to use existing ones and invent new ones. In the light of this, here is our list of ideas, wishes, desires, visions and images.

How does it work?

Once we have an idea for a specific format we would like to try out, we will post a short description of it here! The idea can be clear and developed or just a rough sketch!

What is your role?

This is a blog. So you, whoever you are (you! yes, you, the one reading this now, yes, YOU!!!) can share your ideas with us as a comment or suggestion (what do you believe we could do?). You can also make a proposition for a future collaboration (what do you believe we could do together?) . Feel free and be courageous! Everyone can be a Flirty Horse!


FLIRTY HORSE, the legendary art collective founded by us, kasija and ivan, conceived in the limbo of the first corona lockdown, born together with the summer 2020, having celebrated the second birthday, moved to vienna, austria, to stay here for a while >>> >>> our first week in vienna was full of remarkable observations >>>Continue reading “FLIRTY HORSE IN VIENNA”


in the middle of the summer, FLIRTY HORSE participated in the PARK PICNIC FESTIVAL (karlovac, croatia) with the solo NAKED CONCERT and the talk-show ALL COLORS OF THE WORLD EXCEPT YELLOW


the movie “a cherry dress” is in the final postproduction >>> composer ilja gussarov (estonia/germany) is working on the original soundtrack >>> the premiere is planned in the beginnng of 2022 >>> click here for the further info

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