despite the cruelty of the pandemics, the artistic exam of the 2nd year bachelors (dance department of the ABPU) is supposed to take place on the 21st of January 2022 in a reduced version and on the 11th of February 2022 in its full version >>> the piece we are going to accomplish in the next days is a fantasy about the nature of humaneness >>> started as research on human stereotypes, it developed into a poetic phantasmagory about people, their future and their past, and raising an agonizing question WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A HUMAN >>>

at the beginning, there was only solitude >>> islands, and skyscrapers, and feminism, and dog’s fur, and spaghetti carbonara, and first love, and john f. kennedy, and joan of ark, and iphone 5, and smell of mowed grass, and fear of commitment, and menstruation pain had no existence >>> and solitude admitted no destruction, and provided home for all created things >>>

the piece is based on a script written by ivan, music by J>S>BACH, G>F>HANDEL, A>SCHNITTKE, H>PURCELL >>> more information you can find here

unfortunately, no audience is allowed to attend the show, but, hopefully, the online streaming will take place >>> the link to the streaming will be shared on our FB, instagram, blog and webpage >>> share our loneliness on the 21st of January at 19.30

best, kasija and Ivan

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