the new year is coming soon, and flirty horse is happy to summarize the deeds and the occurrences of the past 365 days >>> 2021 contained many days that had a name and many nameless days >>> most remarkable turns of these 12 month in a short calender

kasija and ivan got married in karlovac, croatia, in the middle of corona lockdown, accompanied by a few small and medium earthquakes, among close relatives and beloved dogs >>>

we got older and celebrated birthdays >>> ivan entered the last age of christ, kasija said ciao to the club 27 >>>

nothing happened >>> we were writing our master works, we were looking forward to graduating so much >>>

nothing happened at all >>> linz was becoming more and more gloomy >>> pandemic, academic writing, rehearsing, getting crazy >>>

MAY >>>
something happened! >>> ivan’s novel SAMSON ENTERS THE BARBERSHOP reached the short list of prestigious literature award LYCEUM (moscow, russia) >>> eventually, ivan didn’t get any award, but he spent a few exciting weeks waiting for the decision of the jury >>>
kasija and ivan created a duet PERFECT SENSE in collaboration with composer alyssa aska and performed it in graz (austria) at the festival INVISIBLE DRIVES >>>

photo by johannes gelner

JUNE >>>
several things happened >>>
kasija and ivan participated in the talk-show LINZEST 3000 hosted by bene steiner
kasija and ivan danced in the piece by JULIE ENDO under the title YOURS, YOUNG SPIRIT >>>
ivan’s piece “CARMEN” danced by the dancers of STADTTHEATER GIESSEN was presented in marburg (germany) at the HESSISCHE THEATERTAGE 2021 >>>

JULY >>>
ivan published SEVENTEEN POSTCARDS TO KASIJA in the internet journal THE PURPOSEFUL MAYONNAISE; it was first time ivan’s text pubished in english, and the first time ivan’s photographs were considered an artwork >>>

kasija and ivan participated in PICNIC PARK FESTIVAL (karlovac, croatia) as co-producers, organizers and performers with the talk-show ALL COLORS OF THE WORLD EXCEPT YELLOW (kasija was moderating it, and ivan was smashing raw eggs on the tops of participant’s heads), solo NAKED CONCERT, and danced in the piece IPAK SMO SE NASLI by OVCA >>>

we were contemplating life >>> ah, also we graduated >>> masters of art >>>

flirty horse moved to vienna >>> for real, with all our stuff

kasija entered the terrain of visual art, having created a series of objects ESSENTIAL MEMORIES >>> one of her works is exhibited at HUNDESALON in linz (austria)
ivan performed the solo DANCE BITCH DANCE at the festival TO BE ANTWERP in antwerpen (belgium)

kasija created the performance under the same title ESSENTIAL MEMORIES >>> she and ivan performed it in the frame of RAW MATTERS at the LE STUDIO MOLIERE

so, in the last two weeks of december we are looking forward to deeds and occurrences of 2022 and would like to share some of our plans >>> namely, two events that we were preparing for so long will hopefully occur at the beginning of the year >>>

performance ON THE PEAR DAY’S EVE created by ivan with the students of anton bruckner private university is going to experience own premiere on the 21st and 22st of January >>>

movie A CHERRY DRESS is going to be released – date and place will be announced at the end of January >>>

we wish you a happy new year >>>

best, kasija and ivan

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