dear friends! >>> we sincerely wish you happy New Year! >>>

today we are greeting the days and labors of 2022 >>> in a few hours this year will stay behind us, and we’d like to summarize what occurred to FLIRTY HORSE `in the last twelve moths >>>

ivan was rehearsing ON THE PEAR DAY’S EVE at anton bruckner private university >>> for the first time in life, kasija had corona in karlovac, croatia >>>  ivan was also teaching the course THE PHILOSOPHY OF TIME TRAVELLING at kunstuni linz >>>

premiere of IN THE PEAR DAY’S EVE >>> our birthdays >>> kasija was teaching at TANZAUSBILDUNG and rehearsing BLACK MAGIC SHOES

premiere of BLACK MAGIC SHOES at skin festival >>> kasija is working on several visual objects for OLIVE GALLERY >>>

we were rehearsing VERLIEBTE TIERE >>>

we performed PERFECT SENSE at the mandala festival in wroclaw >>> premiere of VERLIEBTE TIERE >>>

photo by kazimierz zdziebło

we participated in the filming of harald hund’s movie 17KM >>> kasija is rehearsing in the piece UNFLÄCHIG by bianca anne braunesberger >>>

premiere of UNFLÄCHIG at kultursommer wien >>>

photo by selena beram

we took part in the organization of the PICNIC PARK FESTIVAL in karlovac, croatia >>> BLACK MAGIC SHOES, DANCE BITCH DANCE, PERFECT SENSE and UNFLÄHIG were performed there >>> VERLIEBTE TIERE performed at kultursommer wien >>> FLIRTY HORSE became a VEREIN ZUR FÖRDERUNG VON KUNST UND KULTUR, a real one, with a vereinregisternummer and a bank account >>>

photo by selena beram

we wrote numerous applications >>> kasija had corona again >>>  we had a TENDER STEPS RESIDENCY and worked on the piece ONCE YOU GLIMSPED IN THE CORNER OF MY EYE >>> first official meeting of the members of FLIRTY HORSE VEREIN took place >>>

ivan had corona >>> a lot of applications sent >>>

kasija went to choreograph in the piece YERMA by the director rajna racz at the RIJEKA NATIONAL THEATRE in croatia >>> ivan started working on the new novel THE PAINTING IS TEMPORARILY STOLEN >>> ivan, manuela, flora and lukasz filmed something for INSTANT36 >>>

kasija was choreographing in rijeka, ivan was writing in vienna >>>

thank you for following our work and see you soon! >>>

best, kasija and ivan

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