until yesterday, almost every spot of austria was 3-G; from today on, most of them are 2-G, and very rare ones – 2,5-G >>> does it mean, austria becomes less sensitive? >>> no, for sure not >>> on the contrary, the reduction of G-s displays which austrian areas became too irritated and can’t afford as many admirers as before>>> 

but all for good: selectiveness is the sign of maturity >>> it seems, austria has passed through her puberty years: the country doesn’t let God knows who enter her economic and cultural spots anymore >>> at my workplace, at the bruckner university where i am creating a piece (it will be called TABLEAU VIVANT OF HUMAN STEREOTYPES and will be presented in Linz at the end of January 2022; dates and location will be announced in the next issues of the FLIRTY HORSE blog), there was a week with only one G, so to say, one-G-week >>> to be even more precise, 0,5-G-week: exclusively a valid PCR test could grant access to the building for visitors >>> geimpfte und genesene should have done testing as well: finally, total, uncompromised equality >>> as ill luck would have it, one day my completely negative PCR result didn’t arrive in time, and I had to stay outside >>> i was not ready to give up the rehearsal, though; therefore, I spent around six hours at the window of the university sending the instructions to my dancers via whatsapp >>> funny enough, i felt weirdly honored; it is something from medieval era, like romeo at the window of juliett >>> inaccessibility of the object of desire exposes the real value of things; how blind we were before, when we could go to work, to cinema, to bar without any problems! >>> now it is time to understand: there are things in life money can’t buy: love, friendship and Corona-certificate; and from today on, one needs to think thoroughly, which G of Austria to touch in order to obtain her love

other news >>> if i will manage to reach the necessary G-s of Belgium, i will perform at the festival TO BE ANTWERP at the end of november >>> it will be my dance solo from 2018, dance bitch dance, you can find a few words about it on the FLIRTY HORSE webpage >>> namely, here >>> supposedly, i will dance in some semi-public space like an elite furniture store >>> you will find all the information on our website soon, and visit the facebook page of the festival, they are really cool people, and if you’ll be in antwerp between 26th and 28th of november, don’t hesitate to attend the events of the festival >>>

photo by manja herrmann

last, but not least: MASKA, one of the oldest and most respectable magazines about dance and performance, will publish my article ECHOING CHOREOGRAPHIES >>> i feel honored, this time not weirdly, but clearly and overwhelmingly >>> the article discusses the problem of spectatorship in relation to dance >>> observing connections between a choreography and spectators’ responses to it, in my text, i point the reader’s attention to the phenomenon of re-performing and introduce the concept of an echoing choreography – a choreography that is re-performed by its spectators without explicit collaboration with its creator >>> articulating the special role of internet video hostings and social networks in the process of content reproduction and spreading, i juxtapose the phenomena of memes and challenges with the artistic practices of reenactment in professional dance >>> the link to the publication will appear soon on flirtyhorse.com

best, ivan & kasija (this time mostly ivan)

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FLIRTY HORSE didn’t get the PCR result in time
and has to entertain herself in front of the temple of art >>>
photo by ivan strelkin

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