cite-specific >>> studio 23 >>> karlovac, croatia >>> 2020

photo by vera mitrović vrbanac

once a flirty horse decided to go home for a vacation >>> she hasn’t been there for almost ten years >>> in these ten years, a flirty horse traveled around the world and saw unbelievable miracles: the jungles of brazil full of smells and sounds; the ice of antarctica, where penguins fall on their backs while raising up their heads in order to see hovering airplanes; the demolished temples of the forgotten greek gods, and the deadly sands of africa full of scorpions and dried out loneliness >>> with her own eyes she beheld the very end of the world, where the waters of the great ocean collapse into the black void >>> after seeing all those wonders she decided to visit her hometown, a city the size of an ink stain, where four rivers meet near the star shaped stone


kasija vrbanac strelkin, ivan strelkin, vera mitrović vrbanac

for the performing picnic park festival organized by the dance center studio 23 in karlovac, croatia


chet baker

photos by aleksandar resanović