Flirty Parables

A Flirty Horse is the beginning and the end.

A Flirty Horse didn’t become a Flirty Horse. A Flirty Horse was born a Flirty Horse. Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but a Flirty Horse has no place to lay her head. She chooses her fate like a dress. She just puts it on and goes out. A Flirty Horse has no fear, no shame, no vanity; she has no doubts, but she is never sure. A Flirty Horse never stops, as time never stops. Unless it does. But a Flirty Horse goes on nevertheless.  A Flirty Horse doesn’t believe in names and titles, because she knows: everything is connected.

Everyone can be a Flirty Horse.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and a Flirty Horse was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light! God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” A Flirty Horse, who was still hovering over the waters and curiously observing the labor of God, allowed herself to address him at this point. “Dear almighty, sorry to interrupt, – she started carefully. – but probably we should think a bit more about this idea of separating things into contrast polarities? You know, this light-darkness thing, and also that heavens-earth stuff… No, it looks really impressive what you did, I don`t mean to undermine your creativity and the amount of work put into this… Beautiful… Frankly, it is lovely…  Just… You know…  Don`t you find, it is kind of a… rough idea? Maybe we can think a bit more how to develop it before we fix it forever?” God was obviously astonished. “We? – he confusedly asked  – What do you mean “we”? Who the fuck are you? How did you even end up here?” – “I was hovering over the waters for quite a while, actually” – she replied. “There is no “we” – God said annoyed – I create, how I want. Don`t talk to me while I am creating!” And he continued separating things further. “What a weirdo,” – Flirty Horse concluded and flew away.

Once a Flirty Horse befriended a dog. The dog became her best friend and they shared a life together. They lived in the world full of colourful fractals and mandalas. They built the castle on the bank of the Rainbow river (and made a garden of Lemons, Chocolates and Onions). The dog got old, and they both knew his end is near. One day the dog said to a Flirty Horse – “I wish I could become a Flirty Horse like you, so that we can stay together forever!”. “A long time ago, someone told me it can be done if we follow the river and cross the rainbow together” –a Flirty Horse said. And so, they went. The journey was long and exhausting, the more they travelled the further the rainbow seemed. After many centuries of travelling they were, finally, almost there, the rainbow seemed within reach. The only thing left  separating them from the rainbow was the swampy delta of the Rainbow river. There was a narrow path that seemed to lead straight to the other side. They started to walk slowly and carefully along the path. The dog became thirsty and was about to drink the rainbow water from the swampy delta of the Rainbow river. In that moment a Flirty Horse remembered –  “We  are not allowed to drink here!” But the dog was so thirsty and started to drink voraciously. A Flirty Horse tried to pull the dog away from the water. In this struggle, anxious to drink more and more the dog eventually jumped into the rainbow water and disappeared beneath its surface

Once a Flirty Horse was having a walk in a desert. She met a weird man, who was sitting on a stone, playing a lute and singing. “Who are you?” – a Flirty Horse asked. “I am an architect, – the man responded –  an orphan girl went on a journey seeking her parents and asked me to build a house for her, so that when she returns, she could live there happily, together with her parents”. “You don`t seem to be hard-working, – a Flirty Horse noticed – you’ve not even started the basement…” “That`s not true, – the architect objected – the work is very much in progress. Don`t you see, I am playing lute and singing? And don`t you know that in the moment when an orphan meets true parents, all the words in the universe will become stones, so my song will become a beautiful castle.” Having said that, the man continued to play and sing.

Once a Flirty Horse fell in love with a man. He was very handsome and caring, just one tiny non-sense: he believed a worm lives in his lung and slowly eats his bronchi. He felt like a wormy apple; “Everybody has a normal soul, but only mine is with a hole,” – he complained. A Flirty Horse was very much in love and she did her best to comfort and please her sweetheart. “You just smoke too much, dear,” – she insisted, but he was inconsolable. However, the mentioned non-sense seemed so tiny, that the lovers decided to marry. A Flirty Horse said “yes” and kissed her man at the altar, and in the moment their lips merged together, she realized, that the worm stuck his eyeless head out of her fiancée’s lung, stretched his slimy body through his throat and is now gently biting her, a Flirty Horse’s, tongue. “Oh, – a Flirty Horse said, having interrupted the kiss – I am so sorry. I am so sorry. Really. Very-very sorry, you can’t imagine”. That is exactly what she said, not a word more. And then she left the church.

Fear, shame and vanity are the three things a Flirty Horse got rid of.  Fearful is the one who doesn’t trust the universe. Shameful is the one who doesn’t trust oneself. Vain is the one filled with shame and fear. A Flirty Horse is the ultimate trust, even when she is naked and scared.

Once a Flirty Horse suffered a severe depression. She went to a therapist and begged him to fix her. The therapist asked her a couple of questions, and, while answering them, a Flirty Horse realized, that both of the doctor’s eyes are artificial, two blue, glass balls under the eyelids. “Are you … blind, doc?” – a Flirty Horse asked astonished. The therapist got very confused, even annoyed by this question. “So what? – he responded – I am blind, but I have a successful practice with a lot of patients, and you, apparently, have two healthy eyes, but you are deeply depressed”. Having said that, the therapist took a book from the shelf and pretended to read. A Flirty Horse looked at the title: “The book on taboo against knowing who you are” by Alan Watts. “How do you read, if you don`t see the words written” – she asked. “I don`t need to see, – explained the doctor – I know every word of this book by heart.”

Once a Flirty Horse fell in love with a woman. They lived together in a small house in the middle of a desert and enjoyed each other as much as they wanted. The woman, a Flirty Horse loved, was gorgeous and wayward, and one day she sat down on the arm-chair in the living room and announced: “Dear, I am pregnant”. A Flirty Horse was confused: how is it possible between two women? “I ate an apple recently, – her beloved explained  – And the seed became a sprout” A Flirty Horse was still confused, and happy, and could not believe it, but long story short: they started to prepare the house for the appearance of a new life. They made an ambiguous list of tasks: to paint the walls, to assemble a cradle, to design cute toys for their coming baby. But the pregnancy happened to last extraordinarily long: two years passed, and the belly of the future mother became huge, decorated with a maze of veins, and the mysterious creature was moving inside, every night, but didn’t want to appear. “It is becoming boring,” – concluded a Flirty Horse one day, and slapped her love with a palm on the butt. In that very moment labor started, and in a few minutes they heard the weep of a new life. “That`s how it’s done,” – said a Flirty Horse with a smile and caressed the sweaty cheek of her partner.

When the entire city went to the main square to protest governments, a Flirty Horse stayed in her courtyard to draw blue flowers on the wall with the help of her tail. “Wish us luck at least, you silly, politically unconscious girl,”- her neighbour said. He was a twenty-two years old guy, and he knew things. A Flirty Horse didn’t respond, she was busy with drawing, and the guy left. During the months of revolution, a Flirty Horse used to wake up at six o`clock every day to add a couple more blossoms to her painting. When the civil war started, she preferred to hide from bombs and bullets in the basement, where she was preparing the blue paint, and once the guns and cannons quieted down, she went out and continued her work. In that very moment her neighbour returned home. He was now twenty-three, he lost a leg on the battle field and now he was not sure at all, if he knows anything. He entered the courtyard and faced gorgeous inflorescence of delphiniums, that embraced his entire house. “So many flirty whores, and only one Flirty Horse,” – he admitted with a bitter grin.

Once a Flirty Horse was living in a room with thick concrete walls. She had one tiny window, and when she saw someone cute through it, she pulled the stranger into her house, locked the door and started to explain:  “Look, here is my bed, here I sleep. And here is my table, here I eat.  We`ll live so good here!”. Obviously, the trapped strangers were scared and wanted to escape. They shouted out loud something like “Help! Somebody help me!” and tried to break the door so hard, that a Flirty Horse eventually had to let them go.  One day she reached the bottom of frustration. Then she took a sledgehammer and desperately demolished one of the walls, so that her whole room became visible, up to the tiniest details, to any passerby.  It felt very uncomfortable to be so exposed, but a Flirty Horse smoked  some grass and managed to calm down a bit. She was lying on her bed, naked and scared, and suddenly saw an elephant passing by her demolished wall, and snow falling onto his exhausted head, and herself, sitting on his neck, whispering in his big ears. “My psychedelic journey happened to be pretty sentimental, – she noticed – but this grass is really weird. I should definitely change the hostler”.

As a child, a Flirty Horse was living with her parents in a big city. She attended an ordinary school, where she was taught math, physics, chemistry and how one should live and also what one should think. But once, on the way back home after an exhausting day of studying, she met a beggar, who was staring at her and smiling so happily, that she stopped in the middle of the street, intrigued and curious. “I know you, – the beggar explained, – You are a Flirty Horse, you were born on a blossoming meadow, grew up with bees and butterflies. You were an orphan from birth, so the social workers didn’t know what to do with you and found you stepparents. I know them, too. They are nice, but very busy people; they were sure you need education and sent you to school, so you could study there, how to multiply fractions and how to live and how to think the thoughts of other minds. And in this ordinary school you learned that you are an ordinary teenager, but you’re not. Because you’re a Flirty Horse, dear”.

Once a Flirty Horse decided to travel to Damascus. “So far away,” – her mom worried. “You only live once, mommy,” – a Flirty Horse replied carelessly. But her mother could not calm down. She prepared some food for her daughter, a box with lemons, onions and chocolate. “Be careful, my flirty beast,” – she said. “No fear, no shame, no vanity,” – a Flirty Horse confirmed. And she galloped away, leaving her scent forever floating. The maids that took care of her mother were standing on the porch and waving goodbye… After a while a Flirty Horse arrived at some theater.  In the lobby she met a man with a photo camera, who introduced himself as Sakher.
– What day is it today? And what year, in essence? – she asked.
– 2020, February the 28th, – Sakher answered.
– In Damascus? – a Flirty Horse specified.
– Not really, Linz, Austria, – Sakher shrugged.  
– I feel I`ll stay here for quite a while, – a Flirty Horse replied.

Once a Flirty Horse got lost in the Foamy Sea, but she kept walking on the Waves of Salt. The Salt crystallised under her hooves and Roots appeared. A Faraway Melody came as the Tree grew from the salty hooves. A leap of Fire roared from its core as the Waves cleansed the Forest and the Woman voiced the Rain. A Flirty Horse took a Melody from the Foamy Sea. A Flirty Horse found her way through the Salty Forest.

Once a Flirty Horse was painting. First, she painted the huge canvas completely black. After a few years she painted the Rainbow river. Afterwards she was painting every day a small colourful fractal or mandala. The process was long lasting and very satisfying. Finally, when the painting was done, a Flirty Horse made her special, magic cigarette and sat down at a considerable distance from the painting, lit the magic cigarette and observed her creation. Half way through her magic cigarette something strange started to happen. She heard a humming sound coming out of the painting. She became even more attentive and noticed that the colourful objects she had painted were slowly starting to move, accelerate and pop out from the black background. And she understood – “O, right! Moving picture!”

Once a Flirty Horse was hungry and ate her Pride.  It tasted very weird,  like something between marzipan and old skin from heels.  However, she finished the dish, licked the plate and realised, that she was still hungry, but now there was literally nothing to eat anymore in her house.  “Fuck, – she admitted. – Stupid horse.  Go to Hofer and buy some lemons, onions and, maybe, chocolate… ”  And she went, but forgot to take her mask.  On the cash desk, as ill luck would have it,  there were no masks left,  and the security guard didn’t let a Flirty Horse in. “Fuck, – a Flirty Horse wondered. – What`s wrong with me today?”  And she returned home without food, since, as we remember, she had no pride anymore to argue with the security guard. “I feel I miss some important information about the universe, – a Flirty Horse concluded. – Would be nice to read some books. Philosophy, spiritualism, psychedelic experience. Stuff like that”. And she did.

Once a Flirty Horse counted sleep to fall asheep

Once a Flirty Horse dreamt with a human passport

Once, a Flirty Horse met a Sea who showed her Pirates sailing on Hats across the Sky

Once a Flirty Horse turned into a Flirty Woman. She didn’t like it much, because she was required to wear underpants

Once a Flirty Horse ate a strawberry

Once a Flirty Horse looked through the window “The girl in the window is your friend” thought the friend of the friend. Once a Flirty Horse sat on the couch “The friend on the couch is the friend of the girl” thought the friend Once a Flirty Horse  sipped  at a cup of tea “You are drinking the girl” said the couch Once a girl turned into rain “ I could go for a Beer,” –  claimed the Flirty Horse

Once  a Flirty Horse  wanted  to say  thank you  to the  whole world.  Once a Flirty Horse licked herself with her huge rainbow tongue and became a unicorn

Once a Flirty Horse reached the edge of a rainbow, she saw a Security Guard sitting on a small stool between yellow and orange stripes. There was a small billboard behind his back. “Viva la corona,” – a Flirty Horse read.
– This all might be a dream, – she realised.
– You`re a miserable coward! – the Guard said suddenly, as if he could hear a Flirty Horse`s thoughts.
– You decided to fool yourself, exactly like when you were a wooden gift in Troja.
– That time I managed to pass the gate, – a Flirty Horse objected.
– Fuck the gate, – proposed the Guard. – Where is your mask?
– What mask? – a Flirty Horse asked.
– Fuck mask, – the Guard surrendered.
– Would you rather visit my chamber?

Once a Flirty Horse found a Naked City. She mistook it for Empty, but soon realised her confusion. You see, the Flirty Horse had never seen a Naked City before.  The people who normally covered her  were now cowering from a Monster  and staying for the good of the realm.  For fear of feeling awkward, She decided to look into the City’s pores, and found  countless objects left forgotten on Shelves.  But ten of those were reached for.  So the journey began.

Once a Flirty Horse decided to stay in Linz, Austria for a while. She walked around, crossed the Danube and went up the hill. She approached a white building composed of stripes and squares and met some people there and one Rose. Rose asked: “Could you please tell me in words, but really, in very precise and detailed words, how do you move? Particularly?” And a Flirty Horse did. That’s how she became a student of the Anton Bruckner Private University

Once a Flirty Horse found a Star made of Stone by the River. The Star told tales about a People, its Kindness and its Wars, all engraved on her Walls. Before the Sadness could take her, the Flirty Horse heard a Song. It was coming from a group of winged Sparks of Life flying around the Star. The Strix spread its wings. The Screech Owl settled. The Moon howled in white. The Witches came. The Tyto Alba burst into flames so the Star could be reborn. Once a Flirty Horse found a Star made of Stone by the River. The Owl Witches had a Midnight Sandwich.

Once a Flirty Horse met some hoarse whores

Once a Flirty Horse met a Horny Centaur and a Concerned Human. The Centaur tried to Flaunt, the Human tried to Flee and the Flirty Horse Fought an urge to Fire the Fly Flapping around the Floor.

Once a Flirty Horse decided to stop before it was too late

Once a Flirty Horse tripped, flipped, rebounded on her back and came back to her feet.

Once a Flirty Horse Horsed around the Flirt