FLIRTY HORSE, the legendary art collective founded by us, kasija and ivan, conceived in the limbo of the first corona lockdown, born together with the summer 2020, having celebrated the second birthday, moved to vienna, austria, to stay here for a while >>>

>>> our first week in vienna was full of remarkable observations >>>

worth noticing: in different parts of the world, people expose different attitudes to death and, correspondingly, maintain disparate related customs >>> in germany, for instance, they make parks out of old cemeteries >>> visitors use to jog, or go for a walk with a dog along the alleys between graves; thus, german life and german death stay in a friendly, but not too intimate relationship >>> what concerns vienna, wiener friedhof is literally a museum with all recognizable attributes: plans of the exposition on big boards, smaller boards with directions, excursions >>> at the same time, with its witty motto “hier liegen sie richtig,” it resembles a fashionable hotel for wealthy corpses: you stay until you pay, otherwise you go away >>> good news: death in austria is not for ever >>>

the attitude to life is also peculiar in vienna; sudden details may fascinate an unprepared newcomer >>> female parking spots half a meter wider than male ones; surreal teeter-totter for disabled people – equipped to host a wheelchair on a its secured platform;  small groups of people gargling unisono near the PCR test box>>>

nevertheless, the gorgeous city seems to be welcoming us; having this mysterious girl as a neighbor,

we feel very inspired to find here so many artists and art communities, and we can’t wait to get familiar with everyone here >>> tomorrow we are starting to work on a new project with a working title “CHARITABLE FREAKSHOW”, and we are looking forward to meeting new people to collaborate with and find spaces to show our work >>> come to our webpage FLIRTYHORSE.COM, subscribe to our blog, share information about us, and contact us with any sort of “hello”, if you feel you would meet for a coffee with FLIRTY HORSE >>>

best, ivan & kasija

PS >>> if you subscribe to our blog, the newsletter will reach you once a week, sharing the latest updates, news, ideas, and artistic reflections by FLIRTY HORSE; the schedule of upcoming events and workshops, planned premieres, our open calls and links to our publications will arrive directly to your mail box 

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