Public reading

Public reading is a format of presenting text to an audience. Imagine a theater performance, where the actors do not learn the text of their roles in advance, but they read it aloud. You, as an audience member, are witnessing, the first stage of embodying the text.

How does it work?

  1. You come to the location of the event. It feels like an ordinary theater visit. You come, take a seat and wait for the show to begin.
  2. Performers enter the space and take their informal position in front of you. They sit on chairs, stand or lay on the floor, according to their mood.
  3. Each performer has their text. It can be printed on paper, uploaded to a smartphone or laptop, written by hand etc – depending on the personal wishes of each performer.
  4. The performers read the text out loud. They have certain roles. Some performers read one role, some performers several roles, switching from character to character
  5. You follow the story, which is narrated, but not acted out.

What is cool about it?

Come and see. The text is performed minimalistically, achieving an estrangement effect, which creates a special atmosphere.

What do we read?

The first reading will be the presentation of a screenplay “Promised madness”. A Hollywood blockbuster and psychological thriller with unpredictable twists, chase scenes and shoot outs! The first public appearance of a story written by Flirty Horse.

When and where?

The time and place of the event will be announced!

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